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e.sigma is specialized in advanced training solutions for endcustomers and OEM customers.

esigma s.r.o. is a member of esigma group of companies with locations in the Czech Republic and Germany with a business focus on military and security forces training systems and services. esigma s.r.o. has military import and export licenses for a variety of defence equipment and technologies (R170727517).

The product portfolio consists of the company groups’ products and services and also of products from selected partner companies. The cooperation with international partners regarding product development, product distribution and services provides flexible solutions and customer satisfaction.

Product features and benefits of esigma training systems:

  • High level of standardization and modularity
  • Use of latest technologies for real-time performance
  • Usage of commercial-of-the-shelf-equipment
  • Cost efficient enduser and OEM solutions
  • International partner network for efficient service, support and highest system availability
  • Strong customer orientation, flexibility and outstanding long term customer relationship

Core competencies of esigma group of companies:

  • Development, implementation and integration of interactive simulation and training systems
  • Software development for realtime simulation
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Mechatronics & electronics
  • Development and manufacturing of prototypes and small series production
  • Image generation and visualization systems
  • Optronic, laser- and sensor simulation systems
  • Communication and voice processing systems
  • IR multispectral target projection systems

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